Event Details

Join us at The Discovery Center, July 20th as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon.  Featured guest will be Carl Baugh of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose and former host of the television program, “Creation in the 21st Century”.  There will be a special video showing from Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke, the youngest man to walk on the moon.  Also, we will have Moon Pies, Milky Ways and other giveaways.  Kids will be treated to a Moon Bounce and other neat space activities.  A silent auction will feature autographed astronaut photos, foil from the Apollo 11 landing module, and a Lego Apollo 16 rocket set.

Admission is by donation, however seating is limited for Dr. Baugh’s lecture, so call ahead to reserve a seat.  325-673-5050